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Family Law Department

Ukriniurkoleguia provides legal assistance to foreign and Ukrainian nationals in family law matters involving a foreign element. Our Attorneys at law possess extensive experience in participation in court proceedings on dissolution of marriage, annulment of marriage, personal non-property rights and obligations of a married couple, property settlement, estimation of order of child upbringing, determination of domicile for children, termination of parental rights, exercise of child-support obligations, adoption, establishment and termination of custody and guardianship.

Due to establishment of a wide cooperation network with foreign family law Attorneys Ukriniurkoleguia provides legal assistance to Ukrainian nationals in above-stated matters abroad.

The Attorneys of Ukriniurkoleguia promote and practice providing of legal assistance in family law matters by means of alternative dispute resolution methods, including mediation and mediation skills.

Legal support to surrogacy programs, a new sphere of family law, which is closely tied with the utilization of auxiliary reproductive technologies is a relatively new service offered by Ukriniurkoleguia. As Ukraine is one of a few countries where surrogacy is legal, the Ukrainian legislation creates an unparalleled opportunity for foreign nationals to exercise their right to fatherhood and motherhood using the surrogacy method