The Oldest Ukrainian Advocacy
80 Years of Trust and World Reputation
Ukrainian Bar Association for Foreign Affairs

Probate Research and Tracing Services

The oldest probate research network on the territory of the former Soviet Union.

UKRINIURKOLEGUIA is the only Ukrainian office specialized in probate research and handling foreign estate matters. We carry out probate research in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova and Poland.

Prompt and effective services are ensured by concerted work of the headquaters in Kyiv and its permanent branches in key research regions of Ukraine, namely:

  • Western Ukraine Bureau – Lviv (aka Lwow aka Lemberg), Halychyna (Galicia)
  • Transcarpathian Bureau – Uzhhorod (aka Uzhorod aka Ungvar aka Ungwar), Carpathian Ruthenia
  • Office in Volynska and Rivne Regions – Lutsk (aka Luck), Volyn (Wolyn)
  • Office in Ternopil Region – Ternopil (aka Tarnopol), Halychyna (Galicia)
  • Office in Chernivtsi Region – Chernivtsi (aka Cernauti aka Czernowitz), Bukovina