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Locating missing or unknown heirs

Probate Research and Tracing Services

Whether someone dies without a Will, or the beneficiaries of an estate are known but cannot be found, we have the experience and expertise to identify and locate the missing heirs in Ukraine as well as in Poland, Germany, Russian Federation, Belarus, Moldova and other countries of the former USSR. For these purposes Ukriniurkoleguia cooperates closely with all Vital Statistics Offices of Ukraine, State Regional Archives of Ukraine, State Archives of the Security Services of Ukraine (former KGB Archives), State Archives of the Federal Security Services of the Russian Federation, Ukrainian Red Cross Society, State Archives of Moldova, State Archives of Poland, International Tracing Service in Germany (Bad Arolsen) and others.

This means that at the same time we are able to assist such uninterested parties as the Executor of the Will, the solicitors involved, trustees, bank and insurance companies and the probate court itself – as well as the heirs.

We pride ourselves in the thoroughness of our research, and the thoughtfulness and consideration with which every beneficiary is treated, however much he/she stands to inherit.