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Business Law Department

The functioning of each business entity, regardless of its form and field of activity, is always associated with taxation. Numerous taxes, levies and charges, particularities of their calculation and payment to the state, local or municipal treasuries, unfortunately, often lead to controversial issues in taxation.

These controversial issues usually lie on the intersection of law and accounting. Thus, expertise and relevant experience both in law and tax accounting are a must for a competent tax counselor.

The issues of practical application of tax legislation should deserve special attention. Namely, the calculation and payment of taxes, levies and charges, drafting and submission of tax reports to the relevant authorities are of especial importance.

We provide comprehensive consulting support in all possible situations of practical application of tax law, as well as tax planning, tax optimization and tax burden reduction.

Our company also offers a range of accounting services for business entities registered in Ukraine, including calculation of taxes, levies and charges, accounting and tax accounting counseling, preparation of necessary reports and their submission to the relevant state authorities.