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Modern commercial activity often leads to a necessity to take legal action in order to protect one’s infringed rights and interests, while certain disadvantageous circumstances may cause necessity to defend one’s own rights from illegal encroachment from the side of other subjects of business activity and state authorities.

Since the Ukrainian judicial system is designed to extend its jurisdiction for all disputes regardless their nature, a judicial recourse to a competent court within the system of judicial power of Ukraine becomes a universal defense method in the above mentioned situations.

Taking into consideration the number of judicial settlements, frequent alterations to legislation and controversy of its separate provisions, obtaining a fair judicial decision may require substantial effort.

On the other hand, in some cases it is not enough just to fix the renewal of violated rights. The necessity of enforcement of a judicial decision and control of the procedure of enforcement of such decision is not rare to arise.

We provide comprehensive legal assistance in issues related to judicial disputes, representing our clients from the moment of filing an action with a competent court and until the moment of complete factual execution of judicial decision, paying great attention to research of legal authorities in relation to the substance of the dispute, as well as the procedural strategy and tactics of conducting the judicial proceeding and enforcement of judicial decisions.