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Registration of business entities and business activity assistance

Business Law Department

A business entity’s activity, like every phenomenon in our life, starts from the stage of its initiation, passes through several evolution stages causing organizational and other changes in the entity, and finishes with termination of its activity.

Legal fixation of the said processes is carried out by going through relevant registration proceedings, the complexity and quantity of which varies depending on organizational legal form, type and field of activity of the business entity in question.

The performance of determined types of business activity is impossible without licenses, patents and other documents of permissive nature.

Moreover, situations often arise when business activity requires professional legal counseling, such as organization of new activities, corporate, contractual, labor, commercial, competitive relations etc.

Our company provides just-in-time services of high quality on drafting business agreements, and offers complex legal assistance at stages of conclusion, execution and termination of business agreements, as well as assists with obtaining licenses, patents and documents of permissive nature, offers consultation regarding registration of foundation, alteration or termination of Ukrainian business entities as well as representative offices of foreign companies in Ukraine. Additionally, we provide counseling on business and management issues.