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Foreign investment support

Business Law Department

It is no secret that investment in Ukraine is a perspective and profitable way for foreign investors to obtain revenue due to impetuous growth of certain sectors of economy.

Nevertheless, due to specific features of Ukrainian legislation and its differences compared with the foreign legislations, part of potential foreign investors refrain from investment in Ukraine; at the same time the persons who have already invested in Ukraine, frequently do not benefit in full from their investment possibilities.

The successful experience of many foreign investors in Ukraine shows that the effectiveness and security of foreign investments in Ukraine and the factual profit obtained greatly depends on availability of comprehensive and impartial information on legal regulation of foreign investment in Ukraine, reinforced by practical experience in providing legal support to investment activity.

Using our current practical experience in the field of foreign investment in Ukraine, our company provides counseling and legal assistance in organization and implementation of various forms of foreign investments in Ukraine, as well as legal assistance in obtaining profit from investments in Ukraine and protection of rights and interests of foreign investors. Moreover, Ukriniurkoleguia counsels have extensive experience in representation of foreign investors before Ukrainian national courts and in international investment arbitration proceedings, in particular, under the ICSID Regulations and Rules.