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Registration of non-profit organizations and public associations

Business Law Department

The citizens’ right to freedom of association is an integral human right, sealed by the Universal declaration of human rights and guaranteed by the Constitution and legislation of Ukraine.

Depending on legal nature of existence and field of activity, the active legislation distinguishes between the following public associations: public organizations, political parties, religious organizations, trade unions and other public associations.

Each of the mentioned associations has specific peculiarities of foundation and functioning, including a specific registration procedure when compared to other legal entities which are predetermined by corresponding legal regulation.

Moreover, the active legislation provides a possibility of association of the mentioned entities.

Usually, public associations are created as nonprofit organizations in the most general meaning in order to assure satisfaction of certain common interests of their participants without making a profit.

In accordance with the requirements of active legislation, a public association may be considered a nonprofit organization only after it obtains a corresponding status and after its registration is filed with the Registry of nonprofit organizations. The current legislation also stipulates a possibility for other entities to obtain a nonprofit organization status, in particular for enterprises’ associations, in certain cases.

The absence of obstacles on the way of obtaining a nonprofit organization status is caused, inter alia, by the fulfillment of all necessary prerequisites at the phase of foundation and registration of a public association.

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