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Intellectual property

Business Law Department

At the modern stage of rapid development of information society and scientific and technical progress, intellectual property appears to be one of the most precious resources of a business entity.

A recognizable trade mark and industrial model of goods design is an unconditional prerequisite for successful sales of goods, while inventions and useful models have a decisive competitive significance in innovative fields of production, and computer programs that are objects of intellectual property for some business entities are the principal source of profit. These are just some examples of a very large set of commercial uses of intellectual property for corresponding objects, present in our everyday life.

The current legislation distinguishes between the following objects of intellectual property: literary and art works, computer programs, data compilations (databases), performances, audio, and video recordings, broadcasts (programs) of broadcast organizations, scientific discoveries, inventions, useful models, industrial samples, composing (topography) of integral microchips, rationalization proposals, cultivars, animal breeds, commercial (company) names, trademarks (logos on goods and services), geographic denominations, commercial secrets.

The legal regulation of acquisition and realization of intellectual property rights in relation to each of the subjects mentioned above has its peculiarities of practical application of these objects in commercial activity and noncommercial turnover.

Taking into account the aforesaid, the protection of intellectual property rights becomes an important aspect of a business entity’s activity.

In this area, we provide services on registration (including foreign patenting) and transfer of rights to intellectual property objects, as well as counseling on all the issues of intellectual property rights realization and protection.